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Home for the next gener‑actions

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NAMESAKE is the home for the next gener-actions. Founded by three brothers to honor their father, NAMESAKE (以父知名) is a dialogue between the ages. Translating to “in the name of the father” in Chinese, the brand centers its designs around the concept of juxtaposition, sports vs. agriculture, basketball vs. fishing, alongside personal anecdotes from the brothers’ own travel diaries. In doing so, it embraces and reconciles internal differences resulting from the generation gap. Introducing NAMESAKE, a narrative created by one generation, and told by the next.
Our mission is to spread comradery stemmed from family values to every corner of the world. Built on loyalty, persistence and authenticity, we become more agile, more athletic, and more explosive. Yet, we do not forgo our collective vision when moving forward. Sports to us is not just a series of physical actions. Sports to us is a life journey to become a better individual for all. We take life actions that our last generation was hesitant to take.
Like the brothers’ family of five, NAMESAKE is built on a foundation of five core values that inform their every design. _GENIUNE_ On the basketball court as in fashion, we believe that there’s no need to practice what you preach when you live and breathe your passion. It’s in that pursuit of authenticity that we find our most loyal teammates. _PERSISTENCE_ Agriculture was central to the upbringing of the father, who instilled the same persistence needed to tend the land into the brothers’ upbringing. The same attitude towards the hustle makes NAMESAKE’s globe-spanning influence possible today. _HERITAGE_ Building upon their father’s legacy, NAMESAKE weaves the tales of the land with the brothers’ journeys abroad to America and Japan, resulting in a creative vision that is greater than the sum of its parts. _TEAMWORK_ The basketball court is where the brothers first realized the strength of familial bonds. Connected by their sense of camaraderie, they take on designs like they do championships, bringing style and athleticism in equal measure. _CREATIVITY_ Where a love for travel and the feeling of home meet, new ideas are born. With each timeless design, NAMESAKE is creating a new legacy of creativity – one story at a time.
Home for the next gener‑actions