Founded by three brothers and their father, NAMESAKE or is a dialogue between generations. The Taiwanese label embraces internal differences from the “generation gap” in its juxtaposed designs.

The story starts in a Kaohsiung fishing village. Here, a boy showed enthusiasm for fashion and art at a young age with the dream of being an interior designer. This option was quickly ruled out. “Stability is key,” his father told him. By day, the boy worked in agriculture. By night, he reads art books and fashion magazines. These artefacts were passed down to his three sons who continued their father’s passion even when they dispersed to Tokyo, Los Angeles and Seattle to cut their teeth in fashion. Despite being apart, the father told his sons, “family matters.” The sons agreed and together they decided to form a pact to fulfill the father’s creative dream.

If fashion is an expression free of formalities, then it is the perfect tool for a band of outsiders who have something to say.

Sports and heritage characterize the brothers’ style. Basketball: the trio’s first love, and agriculture: Taiwan’s primary industry. NAKESAKE’s mantra is split into three parts.
一. The Soil - new settlers of the primitive territory
二. The Metal - new voice of the generation
三. The Brain - new outlook built on traditional values

Washed out due to over-cultivation, Taiwanese soil needs more fertilizer in agriculture. In the same way, the fashion industry has become worn and needs a new spirit. From a small town with big ideas, the father is working with the sons to bridge the generation gap and forge a family legacy.

Introducing NAMESAKE, ​a narrative started by one generation, and told by the next.

The Soil

“y​o​u have to know where you’re from, to know where you’re going”

Tokyo, Los Angeles and Seattle are all imbued into the characters of young boys from a small town with big city dreams. Travel and storytelling is at the center of NAMESAKE, a love letter from three sons to their father. Their family values are unshaken as the journey continues.

Combining heritage with curiosity, the brothers continue the legacy with taste, style and respect.

The Metal

“the harder you work, the luckier you get” the work ethic modern cosmopolitans stand by. Cultivation has made our bruised hands tougher, while city life has taught us to be street smart. Business and pleasure are blurred. These muted colors paint a new picture of hope and imagination. These ideas light up like nightlife, with the beating pulse of a city that never sleeps.

The Brain

“re-use, re-purpose, re-start”

... is in the DNA of each structural silhouette. These three elements are executed through special upcycle weaving techniques passed down by elders. Ethical and environmental methods ensure that every piece is designed purposefully. The timeless designs are made to be worn and aged with character.