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Open Gym
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NAMESAKE’S fourth collection is titled “Open Gym.” inspired by their adolescent life in Tokyo ten years ago. With this collection, they want to reflect back to the process of entering a new unknown place as an adolescent without knowing the language, facing fear and anxiety, and finding ways to overcome obstacles and paranoia to self prove, to self protect, and to find ways to assimilate into the social circles. Above this, they were learning to solve internal conflicts among themselves. These bitter-sweet memories for them with their childhood admiration towards Dennis Rodman’s extravagant style, Piston’s “bad boys” relentless behavior, and spiral tribe’s lifestyle have fusion into the backbone of this collection. For Spring/Summer 2022, the focus was to bend their childhood style into a new vision. Capturing their memories of afterschool times tirelessly practicing in the gym and sitting next to the river stream next to the school, goalessly wrestling for their inner truth. Foolishly, relentlessly, and courageously wasting their time away —— in the end to relentlessly find their own inner utopia in an apocalyptic territory. With the fourth season, NAMESAKE aims to en-rich their sport-agricultural origin by adding a new energy of youth and renovated vision of what 2000s meant to them.
For SS22, we draw inspiration from 2000s mixtapes. The power of music helps people connect not only to a certain culture with a great sense of belonging, but also connects memories of individualities to a certain time and place that is personal. During our time of youth spent in Tokyo, we searched not only for our own identity but a sense of belonging in a different country. Our minds seem to be constantly battling against itself, lost and insecure. The mixtape we listened to comes in many genres and styles. It is through music we found a safe place and guidance to express our emotions inside without actually expressing it outward. With this collection, we have reflected the diversity of mixtape we listened to, translated into garments of different fits. We worked on creating a new vision of what we remembered from the 2000s, recapturing the favorite essence of styling during our time in Tokyo. We translated R&B music to more fluid silhouette and softer fabrics, electronic music to new silhouettes introduced to this collection with rough edges and stiffer fabrics, rap music to more aggressive graphic all-over, pop color combination and Jpop to garments with more playful cut and sewn. Hence, tying back to the collection “Open Gym”, we developed more garment categories which people would wear to a gym.
We continue to search far and wide for more sustainable fabrics to be more health conscious to the Earth. We also tapped into more hand-crafting in the trimmings applied on the garments for this season. This season we introduced a wool-like fabric composed of pineapple yarn, tercel and recycled poly, expanded our usage of paper-based woven fabrics as supplementary fabric and embroidery details, summer’s all-time favorite linen to beat the heat and new double layer bondage fabric for our jackets and tops. Lastly, we present the cozy laid back extremely comfortable french terry fabrics in classic heather grey and fake leather bonded jersey fabric. We continue to develop new styles of garments with our classic mesh fabrics, modified weave fabrics and organic cotton blend. We re-introduced denim fabrics this season with modified brushing technique and remarkable colors.
“Open Gym” explores more inward into the each individuals personal youth experience of growing up. From doubting, fearing, confusing, to hoping, accepting and growing. Gym is open for anyone who strives for better version of themselves, a place for people seeking peace of mind.
Open Gym