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NAMESAKE FUTURE CLASSICS (NFC) started as a basketball movement, hoping to bring together the fashion and local sporting community with a series of basketball tournaments worldwide. Our mission is to grow a basketball community through the lens of fashion—one team, one ball, and one city at a time. Knowing every second is THE FUTURE, we developed a new set of reformed/refined gears for the community of all ages and all sizes. We want absolute comfort for the next GENER-ACTIONS to set foot on their potential athletic ventures and engage in their physical and mental treasury. For NFC, we design effortless on-court and off-court gears to dive right into the game and embark on a life journey. Simple yet practical with precision, NFC does not let the fashion essence get lost in translation but carries over high-quality materials and sporting/agricultural elements that best represent the NAMESAKE brand. To become a multidisciplinary global home, we ensure the games will continue with outstanding simplicity in the timeless future.
NFC - Shanghai 2021