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Home Court
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Family Matters
“Home Court” is NAMESAKE’s fifth collection, dedicated to the idea of representing the process of giving love for home (origin) and receiving the love it gives back. This collection, they want to deliver the message that love matters. The love for passion, the love for home, the love for family and the love for those who march along this journey. The brothers shared heartfelt roaring memories of pain and joy on the school’s basketball courts during high school years to current days of pulling all nighters brainstorming designs and talking about the latest fashion shows. The same emotions has shown it’s recurring pattern, the tears from pain of practices to the tears of joy of succeeding and winning. The environment the brothers grew up with tended to shy away from expressing love directly, thus through certain actions of caring and their language through basketball was the key of how they practiced “love”. (Jazz, Jwill, Pistols)
For AW22 Home Court collection, inspirations are drawn from the birthplace of jazz music, New Orleans, to one of its evolution to southern Hip-Hop. The dapperness from Jazz Club’s traditional menswear attire of tuxedos and evening suitings with suspenders to the swag behind music legend Andre 3000’s cinched waist on leathered bombers and field jackets relish the offbeat spirits. Jason William’s distinguished way of playing basketball on the court is just as distinguished off court, with baggy french terry sweatpants to raw denims. A touch of authentic Y2K edits are applied.
Because love matters, we practice love. Just like most athletes and musicians, behind each game and performance there’s an extreme amount of time put into practice. They love what they do therefore they practice day in and day out. It is often through time and practice, something can become more exquisite and refined. This season we searched for fabrics that require “time” for development. Hand-crafting technique is no stranger to us, however using bow and arrow to create random paint stripes across washed cotton canvas is definitely one of our top rookies of the season. As for the 1st draft rookie of this season, it will be the unique “Nori Wari Some” dye techniques crafted by Kyoto hand dye-ing specialists. This technique transcends upon three fabrics and two patterns; corduroys and french terry. The fabrics are covered with a unique 5mm dye paste that creates natural cracks after dried. The creased, hand-crafted nature results in each garment uniquely piece by piece. Previous rookie of the season, wool-like hand feel suiting fabric with pineapple yarn has been uplifted with new vibrant, confetti like colorway. Sporty track jacket’s two-tone, three-tone color mix has been translated into two fabrics for this season. Wool-nylon blend fabric for suitings and short jackets with two-tone color yarns weaved into one, creating a rich third color looking from afar. Another top draft is the tulle fabric folded and embroidered down, creating an illusion of a mixture of hydrangea and fleece fabric look, embedded with tonal argyle pattern throughout. Sustainable fabrics are still key players on the team. We introduce reutilized waste food products dyed shirting cotton canvas fabrics, where all the colors are dyed using different food wastes, from green vegetables to yams, grapes, beet roots and cauliflowers. Yarns for knitwear have also been updated with Responsible Wool Standard wools as well as Better Cotton Initiative cotton yarns, which promotes better standards in cotton farming and practices. Natural fiber and paper based fabrics have been our staples, this season we introduce a fabric which combines both, with face and touch similar to raffia leaves but composed of Washi paper. We pushed our brand’s DNA of agriculture even further through using a hessian cloth made out of entirely jute as the main fabric for our varsity jacket. Lastly for denim, we stayed with authentic raw edge denim and brown denim.
“You may not be a household name like star athletes and musicians, but you can be a true household name in your community.” Team matters, family matters, love matters and above all, you matter.
Home Court